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  • THRILLING KIDS OUTDOOR GAME: Ghost players hide, waiting to jump out and tag the Ghost Hunters. If a Hunter sees a ghost, they must race back to the safe zone before being tagged – or become a ghost themselves the next round! 
  • LOVE RETRO TOYS & GAMES? Enhance classic backyard games using a glow in the dark games twist. This game set includes 7 glowing Ghost Hunter bracelets and 4 light up Safe Zone Markers (batteries included and replaceable) 
  • ACTIVE & GOOFY: “There’s a ghost in the graveyard, run, run ruuuuun!!” This unique kid’s game incites epic excitement as players search, scare, hunt, hide, yell and run 
  • YEAR ROUND OUTDOOR PLAY: No matter what the season, this is a great nighttime option for birthday party games, games for family game night and other evening outdoor activities for kids 
  • ALL AGES: Whether you’re looking for outdoor games for kids 8-12, games for kids ages 4-8 or even family games for kids and adults to play together, the variety of skills employed and the spooky silliness of the game engages many types of players
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